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What is a cast saw set?

A cast saw set is a combination cast saw handset, a vacuum unit, hose, and accessories to operate the saw with vacuum attached, often sold at a discounted rate. Many sets are sold with brand/model matching components. However, universal vacuum may be available in set form as well.

Is a cast saw set required?

Hospitals and other medical facilities may require the capture of any particulate created in the removal of casts. It is possible that a large amount of dust and particles are generated in dedicated cast removal facilities.

Vacuum units are an excellent solution for keeping a clean workspace as they are able to capture the majority of the dust and powder created during cast removal using an electric cast cutter.

Atlasprosales offers a wide variety of cast saw and cast cutter combination sets. They are often an economical way to purchase both units at the same time. And, because many of the vacuum systems we offer are manufactured by the same company as the saw handset, using the vacuum unit designed for the saw often offers additional features such as vacuum control, saw control, and power distribution from a central location.

Keep in mind, not all cast saw handsets we sell are compatible with a vacuum system. Purchasing a set ensures that you get a vacuum system that is guaranteed to work well with the handset.

If you have any questions about our cast saw vacuum units, please feel free to contact our customer support line during business hours (8am-5pm pacific) at (800) 545-6287 or click the link to contact us via email.

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Oscimed PSV 2 Cast Saw Set Oscimed PSV2 Cast Saw Set

Part number: T-CC-302-SET

List Price: $2,652.00
Oscimed 2000 Cast Saw Set Oscimed 2000 Cast Saw Set

Part number: T-CC-300-SET

List Price: $2,627.00
HEBU Medical Titanium Cast Saw Set HEBU Medical Titanium Cast Saw Set

Part number: T-CC-884-SET

List Price: $2,890.00
HEBU Medical Gold Cast Saw Set HEBU Medical Gold Cast Saw Set

Part number: T-CC-894-SET

List Price: $2,790.00
American Ortopedic Cast Saw Vacuum Set American Orthopedic Cast Saw/Vac Set

Part number: T-CC-100-SET

List Price: $5,345.50