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What is a cast saw?

A cast saw is a handheld, medical-grade device designed to remove cured plaster or fiberglass bandage from tissue without causing pain to the patient. The cast saw oscilates a typically small, round, toothed blade very quickly to disintegrate the cast material without irritating the skin below.

How to choose a cast saw

Here are some important factors when choosing a cast saw

  • Consider your patient: Pediatric cast saws tend to be quieter and are less menacing
  • Consider the frequency of use: Less expensive cast saws are typically lower duty rating and will wear out more quickly.
  • Consider the work area: A cast saw handset only may be more portable; A unit with vacuum may be required in a hospital setting for dust collection.
  • Consider the work environment: A loud cast saw or vacuum may interrupt others. Check the db output levels of each unit.
  • Consider the technician: A bulky, heavy cast saw may offer more power, but be more difficult for some users to handle.

Can a cast saw be used to cut other materials?

Cast saws are unique in that they do not have a rotating blade. This may offer advantages in cutting many other types of materials. Cast saws can be used to cut sheets of plastic, small diameter metal tubing, and even concrete—when used with the correct blades.

In Summary:

Cast saws are used by qualified, trained technicians to remove plaster and fiberglass casts from the patient. By the nature of their design, they can be quite intimidating to patients, especially the young. They are often loud when turned on and appear dangerous with an exposed blade visible. But, cast saws are very safe. The blade oscillates very slightly thousands of times per minute, rather than spinning continuously. Additionally, the blade teeth are very shallow and relatively dull. This results in a device that quickly and effectively removes the cast without cutting the patient.

To address the menacing sound the saws may make, we offer several brands that have reduced sound levels. While these brands are often marketed toward pediatrics keep in mind they do not suffer any loss of performance or lack of duty cycle. In particular, our Oscimed line offers some of the quietest, most powerful, and longest-lasting saws available anywhere at any price.

AtlasProSales also offers both used and refurbished cast saws at greatly reduced cost. Used cast saws are thoroughly inspected and tested prior to shipping. Refurbished cast saws have been rebuilt and carry a 6-month warranty.
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Oscimed cast saw Oscimed 2000 Cast Saw

Part number: T-CC-300

List Price: $1,385.00
Oscimed PSV2 Cast Saw (Without Vacuum) Oscimed PSV2 Cast Saw (without vacuum)

Part number: T-CC-302-NV

List Price: $1,295.00
American Orthopaedic Cast Cutter Saw BSN American Orthopedic Cast Saw

Part number: T-CC-100

List Price: $1,500.00
HEBU Medical Titanium Cordless Cast Saw HEBU Medical Titanium Cordless Cast Saw

Part number: T-CC-885

List Price: $1,495.00
HEBU Medical Gold Cordless Cast Saw HEBU Medical Gold Cordless Cast Saw

Part number: T-CC-874

List Price: $1,395.00
HEBU Titanium  Cast Saw HEBU Titanium Cast Saw

Part number: T-CC-884

List Price: $1,295.00
HEBU Medical Gold Cast Saw HEBU Medical Gold Cast Saw

Part number: T-CC-894

List Price: $1,195.00
De Soutter Cast Saw Kit DeSoutter Cordless Cast Saw

Part number: T-CC-CSB

List Price: $2,495.00
DeSouter Cast Saw T-CC-4 DeSouter Cast Saw

Part number: T-CC-4

List Price: $2,195.00
DeSoutter T-CC-CSP Cast Saw DeSoutter T-CC-CSP Cast Saw

Part number: T-CC-CSP

List Price: $4,995.00
SwissEx 1800 Cast Cutter Saw SwissEx 1800 Cast Cutter Set

Part number: SW88-112

List Price: $965.00
SwissEx 1900 Cast Cutter Saw SwissEx 1900 Cast Cutter Set

Part number: SW89-112

List Price: $995.00
SwissEx 2000 Cast Cutter Saw SwissEx 2000 Cast Cutter Cast Saw

Part number: SW90-112

List Price: $1,295.00
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