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What is a Ring Cutter

A ring cutter is a mechanical device used for the safe and painless removal of metal rings or bands which have led to strangulation of fingers or other limbs. A ring cutter almost exclusively makes use of an abrasive or toothed cutting disc to cut through the band.

What is a Ring Cracker

Very hard materials, like tungsten carbide ceramics, are very hard and specifically resistant to cutting. A ring cracker typically makes use of a sharp, hardened point that is slowly tightened against the ring until enough pressure is applied to safely crack the material.

The Gem Ring Cutter Emergency Ring Removal System

The Gem ring cutter relies on its unique cutting discs to abrade successive layers of material until a cut is made. Requiring only light pressure for best results, the handpiece is passed back and forth across the constriction allowing the slowly-turning abrasive disc to make cuts through soft and hard metals alike.

The Gem ring cutter is available in both AC corded and battery-powered cordless models. A carbide disc is included for softer metals, and diamond disc is included for harder metals like Titanium, Chromium Cobalt, and Tungsten Carbide ceramics. The Gem ring cutter also includes one finger guard.

What is a ring spreader

Once the initial cut of a constricting band has been made, the ring still may not be easily removed from the limb. Our patented ring spreader is designed to painlessly spread soft metal bands for removal without the need for an additional cut.

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Gem Ring Cutter Set Gem Ring Cutter Set

Part number: T-RC-GM2-AC

List Price: $1,143.00
GEM  Ring Cutter Set GEM Cordless Ring Cutter Set

Part number: T-RC-GM2

List Price: $1,143.00
Ring Cutter Ring Cutter

Part number: T-RC-V933140

List Price: $79.75
ring cracker, ring cutter, ring remover Ring Cracker

Part number: T-RC-TRC

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GEM Carbide Blades (6pk) GEM Carbide Blades (6pk)

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GEM Diamond Blades (2 Pk) GEM Diamond Blades (2 Pk)

Part number: T-RC-GM-223

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GEM Finger Guards (2 Pk) GEM Finger Guards (2 Pk)

Part number: T-RC-GM-525

List Price: $359.00
GEM Ring Spreader GEM Ring Spreader

Part number: T-RC-GMRS

List Price: $242.00